#36 Precieux Passages

Rodrigo Acosta Arias, Angela Bermudez , Stella Bierrenbach, Babette Boucher, Céline Buffetrille, Patricia Domingues, Jonathan Hens, Elvira H. Mateu, Ulrike Kampfert, Christiane Káhne, Nadine Kuffner, Sonia Ledos, Aude Medori, Nathalie Perret, Galatée Pestre, Linda Pieri, Janire Roman Diaz, Janina Stübler, Céline Sylvestre, Edu Tarin, Laurence Verdier, Caro Weiss

Date & time
Institut Français München

Opening Wed 17:00-21:30
Thu, Fri 14:00-20:00, Sat, Sun 11:00-18:00, Mon 11:00-17:00

Kaulbachstraße 13, Munich, Germany

Précieux Passages is an international exhibition that highlights the contemporary jewellery youth front. It was born in 2013, arising under the determination of three French artists: Galatée Pestre, Céline Sylvestre and Laurence Verdier. As the first contemporary jewellery festival was about to take place in Paris (becoming le Parcours Bijoux), they wished to show to a general public the great diversity of jewellery. Raising funds with a large crowdfunding campaign, they were able to invite twenty-two worldwide jewellery artists to be part of a major exposition in the heart of the capital city, at the Forney library.

Four years and several exhibitions later, the three artists have become a professional curating team, and many artists of Précieux Passage have won international jewellery awards and recognition.
This year for the Munich Jewellery week, the Précieux Passages artists are invited again to show their latest pieces at l’Institut Français München.

Rodrigo Acosta Arias

Jonathan Hens

Stella Bierrenbach

Babette Boucher
Aude Medori
Galatée Pestre
Céline Sylvestre
Laurence Verdier

Ulrike Kampfert
Christiane Köhne
Nadine Kuffner
Janina Stübler
Caro Weiss

Patricia Correia Domingues

Angela Bermudez
Edu Tarin

Nathalie Perret



The dates of Munich Jewellery Week 2017
08.03 – 14.03.2017

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