#44 Subterranea

Nuala Clooney, Rachel Darbourne, Bridie Lander, Drew Markou

Date & time
Studio Gabi Green

Thu-Sat 10:00-17:00, Sun 10:00-15:00

Gollierstraße 17, Munich, Germany


What lies beneath is the subterranean. It’s the dark, the buried, the out of sight.
In their individual ways each of the members of suterranea is engaged with the buried, the stuff that lies beneath, be it literally or metaphorically.

Drew Markou creates forms that at once look futuristic and archaeological artefacts, unlocked from the earth they were cast in. While his process is methodical the outcomes rely on a certain happenstance, a synchronistic event and the final outcome enticingly unpredictable until they are revealed after the sand-casting process.

Rachel Darbourne taps into our childish affections and the recesses and transgressions that may linger there. The familiar cuddly toys, the transitional objects are distorted and transmuted into uncanny, titillating tactile furries that tickle at the boundaries of innocence and other – the stuff that lies just below consciousness.

Nuala Clooney boldly recasts the body, her body, creating part body, part objects that lie in the space of self and other. She explores the sensuous fluids that interplay and intermingle self and other, the dark viscous spaces between felt and feeling.

Bridie Lander, through the use of black, black glass mirror, black enamel, and a menagerie of other material hints at the mystic; the alchemistic; the dark arts. The black reflective surfaces play with the parallels of the ubiquitous black glass of our mediated technological times with the notions of scrying or Claude glass.

Join us on the 9th from10am, to delight your sensuous appetite by consuming a selection of edible, sumptuous and sweet morsels, each inspired by the artists’ work.

This edible interaction seeks to explore food as an artistic medium and how our mouths turn these transient consumables into flesh, the flesh of our own bodies, internalising an aspect of the ‘other’ and connecting the external world with the internal conditions of the body.



The dates of Munich Jewellery Week 2017
08.03 – 14.03.2017

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