Jordi Aparicio and Jorge Manilla

Date & time
Atelier Gallery - PunktPunktKommaKunst Sauermann / Zeise
Opening Thu 13:00–18:00
Fri, Sat 12:00-18:00

Donnersbergerstraße 48, Munich, Germany

This exhibition is a visual dialogue between the artists using the idea of dualities, we worked to invite the people not only to see the work bur analyse, observe, feel, think and discusses without be an didactical exhibition. We want to create an approximation to the textures, colours and emotions caused by the pieces. We are interested how people connect visual aspects to personal feelings of memories.

People usually is interested to think black and white and we want to know where is this middle point this exhibition will show emotional and visual confrontations with pieces that will offer multi categorical aspects.





The dates of Munich Jewellery Week 2017
08.03 – 14.03.2017

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