#65 Airy Objects


Date & time
Dippold Innenarchitektur

Opening Thu 17:00

Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 31, Munich, Germany


The exhibition “AIRY OBJECTS” is showing two works of paula.paul, being connected to each other by their thematic point of view: SERAIL . . . LUFTSCHLÖSSER and FLUGOBJEKTE.

The visitor will enter into a world of poetry and daydreams – a world of objects which seem like echoes from our physical environments, apparently being not more than a breath. The most intriguing aspect of this exhibition is the absence of materiality, the lightness and transparency of these striking pieces of jewellery. Nonetheless it is not a dreamer, but a very precisely thinking and working spirit giving birth to these objects.

In spite of their fragile appearance the LUFTSCHLÖSSER-series consists of carefully constructed objects, bridging 2- and 3-dimensionality through their inherent flexibility: although very spacious in their initial form, they can be folded up easily – turning into an almost 2-dimensional form, amazingly different from the original shape.

The FLUGOBJEKTE pieces on the other hand are examining notions of traditional views towards what a “ring” is supposed to be. Deriving from ironic interpretations of “flight” they materialize as fragile, floating sculptures, only marginally tied to their related bases – asking: who is actually tied to whom? The ring to the object, or the object to the ring?

The austrian designer Birgit Reiger is publishing her work since 1999 under the label paula.paul. After graduating from University of Art and Design in Linz she is working on jewellery design and various concepts in this field as well as giving workshops and lectures in jewellery design. She lives and works in Vienna.



The dates of Munich Jewellery Week 2017
08.03 – 14.03.2017

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