#66 Alpen Adria Donau Schmuckstücke Gioielli aad 2017

From Germany:C.Arntz,A.Bahlmann, M. Becker, M. Beer, S. Elstner, B. Grassl, E. Jocher, S. Kaddick, Leinfelder, K. Lind, M. Mann, C. Mühlbauer, Nicolodi, H. Niggl,S. v.d. Recke, I. Rizkova, G. Schmelmer, J. Schölss, M. Seubert, G. Stach, C. Straube, S. Takeichi-Däntl, R. Wilhelm, U. Zierer From Austria: P.Dvorak, Elisabeth Habig, A. Kafka, G. Machacek,A. Neuner, Seitner, F. Wagner for Italy: G. Bartellone, G.Cecchetto, G.Chiarcos, M. Frühauf, D. Gabrielli, K. Laimer, S. Lucchetta, M. Messavilla, B. Paganin, F. Pallaver, J. Pollo, P.Reveane, A. Semeraro, G. Sicuro, S. Valenti, J.G.Varga, M. Zanin, S. Zanin

Date & time
Galerie Carl Weishaupt P13

Tue-Sat 11:00–18:00

Promenadeplatz 13, Munich, Germany

Adria-Alps-Danube Schmuckstücke Gioielli Jewellery 2017

Fifty goldsmiths currently living and working in the European region between the Adriatic Sea and the River Danube will come together to exhibit their latest hand-crafted jewellery designs.

The individual aesthetic of the designs combined with the artistic implementation of each goldsmith’s craftsmanship will initiate an intercultural dialog about contemporary jewellery design.

Visitors are invited to join the extremely active and thrilling scene of European goldsmiths coming from the region Adria – Alps – Danube where ideas, feelings, dreams are realized into breathtaking and impressive jewellery.



The dates of Munich Jewellery Week 2017
08.03 – 14.03.2017

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