Munich Jewellery Week

Munich Jewellery Week is an independent initiative that supports and communicates the yearly citywide jewellery exhibitions that run parallel to Handwerk & Design expo, and its historic jewellery exhibitions: Meister der Moderne, Schmuck and Talente.


5 – 13 March 2018, Munich Jewellery Week will showcase avant-garde contemporary jewellery by both established and up-and-coming designers from all over the world. This yearly gathering is by far the most significant event on contemporary jewellery’s calendar; it’s a unique phenomenon which plays a pacemaking role in the contemporary jewellery field.


Hundreds of makers, students, educators and collectors come from all over the world to be inspired by MJW’s diverse programme that ranges from artist-run exhibitions, book launches and lectures, to performances, mobile presentations and parties.


Over the past decade, the gradual and organic expansion of the independent city exhibitions has boomed to a remarkable 100+ initiatives, establishing a self-ruled dynamic community of local and international artists.


Title Munich Jewellery Week was coined in 2015 by Current Obsession, to give a name to this extraordinary collective effort, and associate it to other professional fashion and design weeks around the world.

Our aim is to represent the multitude of these impressive independent events as a whole, to give them a recognisable visual identity and to offer clear information to new participants, press and international visitors.


Access & Opening Hours

Most venues during Munich Jewellery Week have free access.

Opening hours vary per venue, check the programme for up-to-date opening hours.

There will be a printed MAP available for FREE at the participating exhibitions plus extra’s at the Lovelace – A Hotel Happening Kardinal-Faulhaber-Straße 1 or Lost Weekend, Schellingstrasse 3.



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We are looking forward to work together with the growing community of international artists in the upcoming years!

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#1 Fairground Messe Munich, Hall B1


#1 Chrome Yellow Books

Caroline Broadhead and Ruudt Peters will sign their new books.


#12 Auf der Tiefe

Therese Hilberts jewellery works take respite, each of them representing a self-contained, small, emotive yet intense universe in its own right.


#13 Exit

Welcome to the Dialogue Collective independent micro-Nation of Temporaria.


#14 Jewellery in Case


#15 I Believe

A group of Royal College of Art students will display their work in a rare and roving jewellery and object exhibition. The exhibition will be a guerilla-style installation where the students will display 20 mini-exhibition cases of experimental work that will travel the streets of Munich.


#17 Why Am I So Good?

The works in the exhibition “why am I so good?” try to ask the question, from this blind point of view, not from above. They reveal, from the inside, something about our self-admiration and admiration of others.


#18 Border

Mari Ishikawa sees a parallel world off the beaten track of everyday living, which she wants to make visible with her art.A “Border” is limiting space, time or your personality and identity.


#19 Still (A)Life / Hide & Seek

19a. A still life is a representation of anything that does not move or is dead. In French, the still life is called “nature morte,” (literally “dead nature”).

19b. What are we humans trying to signal to each other, through dressing our bodies and our homes? Questioning the perfect balance of survival—blending in or standing out—Anna and Märtas Hide & Seek exhibition.


#21 Sirens : New York By The JV Collective

To tempt, to seduce, to bewitch, to entrap, to wink, to flash, to caution, to scream. The duality of Sirens conjures vivid images that can be linked to the powerful capabilities of jewelry. Sirens is a collection of new work from the JV Collective, a group of six female artists based in Philadelphia.



7 Countries_12 Cities_12 Artists and how they are influenced in their work by their living environment. The current works of the participating artists from geographically, structurally and scenic different – large or small cities – reflect all this conditions.


#28 Retroduction

In this exhibition the cousins Vermandere re-introduce and re-use old print-related materials. Graphic artist Jan Vermandere made prints of faces constructed with the alphabets of old ‘wooden typefaces’. Jewelry artist Peter Vermandere made a collection of graphic brooches to combinations with rough and fuzzy diamonds.


#31 Jablonec ’68 / Under the stairs. Tableau vivant / Korean Contemporary Jewelry

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1. International Silver Smithing Symposium Jablonec’68. Die Neue Sammlung is devoting an exhibition to this unique historical moment in the history of studio jewelry that will once again feature the jewelry items created back then.


#33 Brettspiel

Solo exhibition by Takayoshi Terajima


#34 A Contemporary Jewelry Odessey

The diversity of the exhibited objects reflects how the artists have been influenced by their experiences abroad from a technical and cultural point of view. An invitation to wandering, dawdling and to unexpected encounters, this exhibition puts the light on pathway thoughts and knowledge transmission.


#35 Fiber World

Mariko Kusumoto’s work reflects various, observable phenomena that stimulates mind and senses; they can be natural or man-made. A playful, happy atmosphere pervades her work. She hopes the viewer experiences discovery, surprise and wonder through her work.


#36 Composite Couples

Yael Friedman, a contemporary jeweler, connects the world of toys and jewelry in a series of works that emerge from research on puzzles.Her creations call to be moved, played with, and manipulated, sparking unexpected interactions and dialog between the ornament and its wearer.


#37 Durchbrennen

Contemporary Arts Guest at Kunstbüro reillplast


#39 Hatara Project

Hatara Project is back in Munich with Annea Lounatvuori, Christine Jalio, Melina Lindroos, Jelizaveta Suska, Ginta Grube, Helmi Lindblom and Wiebke Pandikow. With Time Perception Vol.IIII we return to Munich Jewelry Week with pieces telling tales of memory and misunderstanding, of crystallized moments and home and the need for simple joys, of the sea and things left at the edge of it.


#52 Cross Fade

Three rooms, three acts. Inspired from the classic greek tragody, we present five different perspectives of contemporary jewellery in the setting of a theatrical stage.


#54 End Time Jewelry

Leading minimalism to the final point of a jewelry armageddon – a true goldsmith nightmare!


YES! It’s time to celebrate because BLANCO just entered it’s 5th year!nFor the past and coming years BLANCO aims to stand out from the crowd and bring together young and ambitious designers each with a different perspective on jewellery


#56 Die Drei, Drill, Cut, Grind

Three strong women show their artistic language expressed through stone. Three contemporary ways of handling the nature given material and make it wearable.


#57 Group Exhibition with Nora Reitelshofer and Martin Zuber

Martin Zuber and his former apprentice Nora Reitelshöfer team up to present their unique collections in Martin’s beautiful studio. They both follow their strong individual tastes to create contemporary jewelry.


#58 Fundamental Matters

Fundamental Matter presents the work of four jewelers who work in divergent ways, all at the edge of making. Views on origin and meaning are intertwined, pushing at and laying out boundaries individual to each artist.


#59 7 Dialects, 1 Word

7 Dialects, 1 Word is a reference to how people find different ways to express the same thing.Working individually towards a united theme, seven people are coming together in this exhibition of new works. Abstracted creations about this defined topic will be varied in form and material as each artist works in their own style to contribute to a group discussion.


#60 Hidden Curriculum*

Popeye loves Olive Art Space hosts an exhibition platform during Munich Jewellery Week by inviting a group of 14 Greek artists to meet the Mexican artist Jorge Manilla and to develop a joint project on Hidden Curriculum, Identity and Proxemics.


#61 In Touch

The exhibition is about the increasing fusion of real and virtual worlds and the role of nature, technology, perception, and communication in this context. How do jewelry makers react to this environment and what positions do they take?


#63 Foul Play

”Foul Play” seeks permanence in a throwaway culture. Made for a rising generation that has mastered the catered image of self. Aluminum car rims, bronze chandeliers and old silver jewelry, melted in an onsite foundry, are accented with found objects- making the works almost entirely manufactured from 21st century human waste.


#65 Shelf Aware

Shelf Aware showcases work by 39 staff and students of the Central Saint Martins BA Jewellery Design course.


#67 Battle Of Magenta

Magenta is the meeting of red and blue light. It represents a collaboration, a gathering, and a duel between two minds.



Both Einat Leader and Shirly Bar-Amotz create jewellery pieces that take a stand on the complex contemporary reality surrounding them. The exhibition creates a landscape of tantalizing images, combining the familiar with the estranged.



Masters plus 3rd bachelors 2017, presents their graduation work at the Trippen flagship store.


#70 entoecia

entoecia is a symbiotic relationship. one organism settles on another without damaging it. there is benefit for both of them.


#71 Tableware and tools

Hibernate -group is formed by four Finnish jewellery artists and the exhibition they are presenting is titled Tableware & Tools.


#72 Like A Rolling Stone

Like a Rolling Stone explores the themes of relocation, transplantation, camouflage, identity and materiality.



Most of us humans need icons to look up to and follow their path. Heroes push us further to find our inner strength permitting us to make crucial decisions to improve our lives. Their bravery becomes a moral incentive propelling us to take action helping to make the world a better place for everyone.


#77 Doing the No No

Weeklong jewellery festival by Current Obsession Mon 5 March – Sun 11 March.


#82 Scrotum Clamp

London based punk group Scrotum Clamp are back for Munich Jewellery Week. Icons of the contemporary jewellery scene, the Clamp marry cutting-edge jewellery design with environmental awareness and a keen sense of iconoclastic ‘art brut’ irreverence.


#83 Stralen und Reflecteren

Stralen & Reflecteren literally meaning “to shine and reflect” is a travelling exhibition project bringing together new works by twelve international designers and artists who trained and/or are currenty based in the Netherlands.


#85 Selfie-ism

6 british-based Designers give their take on selfie stereotypes, exploring what selfies mean in relationship to gender, ethnicity, class and age in relationship to



#88 Perfect Strangers


#89 G(fij) Pik

QI WANG studies the emotional interactions between jewellery and people; more specifically, the research is focused on the analysis on the five basic senses: vision, audition, olfaction, somatosensation and gustation.


#90 Chilean Cocktail

Sweet Chilean Cocktail: 1 country, 4 female jewelers, 4 visions of an extreme landscape, 1 shot of friendship,2 drops of bravery, 1 glass of distilled. Vigorously shake with ice cubes and enjoy!


#95 Echo

The five artists are working with jewellery as echoes of time and tradition in the field. The imprints of these reflections leave traces in the visual representation worn as a language on the body.




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