#10 Perfect Strangers

Laura Alvarado (Colombia/Germany), Kat Cole (USA), Emil Gustafsson (Sweden/Norway), Laura Johnson (UK), Anne Léger (France/Norway), Karen Lester (UK), Vivian Meller (Germany), Daniel Michel (Germany), Tamar Navama (Israel/USA), Runa Vethal Stølen (Norway), Xenia Walschikow (Germany/UK)

Date & time
Special Event Friday 9:00-11:00
24 Hour Window Display

Donnersbergerstraße 20A, Munich, Germany

Perfect Strangers celebrates the unconventional, non-traditional, and unexpected by facilitating a chance interaction between eleven strangers, all international Contemporary Jewellers working with experimental materials and techniques.

Plastic, wood, paint, bone, ceramics and randomly found objects meet silver, gold, and precious stones, creating unexpected wearable-scale sculptures that find the boundaries of contemporary craft.

A 24-hour window display creates a fresh and fleeting moment for these perfect strangers to empower each other.

The show juxtaposes unlikely and individual approaches to create a fresh vision of the field. It embraces the contradictory nature of eleven artistic visions that meet. These pieces gain meaning through the dichotomies of treasure, throw away, memory of material, chaos and order, monumental forms and human scale. They hint at past and present, traditional and technological, social interactions, fears and desires.



The dates of Munich Jewellery Week 2017
08.03 – 14.03.2017

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